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Buttolo Call

The ever popular Buttolo call for bringing Roe into your area.

Our Price

Only £25.95


Nordik Grunter Buck Call

The Nordik Grunter is developed specially for calling bucks. The sound may be adjusted by pulling the tube apart or pushing it together. Compressed tube = light tone (younger buck. A lighter tone also attracts smaller bucks. Protracted tube = dark tone (older buck), may attract larger bucks better, but it may also scare away smaller bucks, it depends on what your objective is! Be aware of that curious deer often go downwind of the sound to check out what they are hearing, so make sure you pay attention to your wind.

Our Price

Only £24.95


Nordik Hind Call

The Nordik Hind call has been specially developed to imitate the distress call of a Red Deer calf. The call agitates the hind herd attracting them to find the source of the call.Expand the lower part of the call & place the mouthpiece between your lips & exhale. Blow short & long thrusts of air for 15-20 seconds - rest for two/three minutes then repeat. Can also be used for calling Sika during the rut - start to blow softly then change to a high pitched whistling.

Our Price

Only £24.95


Klaus Weisskirchen Roe Call

A unique and highly efficient game call from German Klaus Wiesskirchen. The only Roe Deer Call in the market that can be used to lure the buck outside the oestrus period. You are using a calling technique that provokes the roe buck by simulating the fear scream from lamb and female roe deer. The dominating roebuck will urgently react to get the male intruder away from the area. Call max 1-2 times in the same place. If the Roebuck reacts, he reacts quickly – so be ready !

With this game call you can mimic different sounds from the female roe deer. It is also possible to imitate a rabbit scream that a fox can hear from a distance up to 1000 meters.

Our Price

Only £29.95



Single Drag Line

Allen Standard Deer Drag - Single Shoulder Strap System

Our Price

Only £8.95


Double Drag Lines

Allen Deluxe Dual Harness Deer Drag: Two Shoulder Strap System - Orange - Features Steel D Ring, 2" Web Construction, Tow Rope Included

Our Price

Only £10.95


Pro-Series Deer Drag

This deer drag is a convenient way of extracting deer with an easy pull handle

Our Price

Only £14.95


Allen Carcass Mesh

Protect you deer once gralloched and skinned by wrapping it in an Allen carcass mesh

Our Price

Only £3.95


Yool Roe Sack

Made from a highly durable and totally waterproof single layer fabric, the empty sack rolls small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or bumbag. Is fitted with strong 2” webbing straps the ‘Yool’ has been designed to carry up to two Roe.

Clearance Price

Only £49.95


Trace Flexible Sled


A heavy duty HDPE flexible sled which rolls up and can be easily carried into the field, weighing just 3.5lbs. The sled unrolls and is ready to use in seconds, the highly durable HDPE is easy to clean and is strong enough to take the abuse of dragging some serious animals. The integral sturdy straps and buckles secure the carcass during transport. 185 x 82 cm

Our Price

Only £59.95


Outdoor Terrain Deer Sled

  • Heavy duty crosslink tie down rope included

  • Makes hauling your game out much easier with or without snow cover

  • Keeps game cleaner and makes it easier to haul gear to your stand

  • Large enough to handle both Fallow & Red deer

  • High impact polyethylene construction

  • Large capacity, Length 65" / 165 cm Width 22" / 56 cm   -   Depth 5" / 13 cm Weight 4 lbs / 2 kg

  • 2 year warranty

Our Price

Only £49.95


Butt Out Tool

An extra 2" longer than the original making it easier to maintain a firm grip on the handle during field dressing chores. The enhanced "Butt Stop" feature moulded into the handle makes it easier to keep the Butt Out inserted to the proper length when removing the animal’s alimentary canal. Simply insert the Butt Out 2 into the animal’s alimentary canal, twist and pull to remove a portion of the intestine, which can then be tied off and removed.

Our Price

Only £17.95


Bushwear Chest Saw

The Bushwear Field Saw allows you to open the chest cage and pelvic bone on larger game safely and quickly without puncturing the gut or making unintended damage. The teeth on the saw have been precision ground for fast and efficient cutting. The end of the blade has been rounded off and features a safety tip. The saw blade is made using a high quality stainless blade steel that makes the saw very durable but also easy clean in a hygienic way. The handle and saw blade has been designed in a unique way to allow the blade to be replaced if needed in the future. Comes with a nylon sheath.

Our Price

Only £8.95


HME Bone Saw with Sheath

The easy-grip handle and super-sharp stainless steel blade easily cut through the pelvic bone on deer or other large game. The end of the blade has a raised area to act as a stop. This will help keep the blade in the bone until it’s completely cut. Includes a scabbard with belt loop for safe storage and transport.

Our Price

Only £14.95


Economy Gambrel

This economy gambrel is a better quality gambrel than most company’s standard model. It is constructed with 5/16” thick steel round stock and is fully welded. Great for hanging deer or other large game. It has an olive powder coat finish and is rated at 400 lbs. 20.5 inches between hanging points, 7 inch overall drop and 23" overall width

Our Price

Only £9.95


Backcountry Gambrel

The new Backcountry Gambrel is a lightweight and compact gambrel which can adjust from a 21-inch spread for big game to a 13 inch spread for predators and small game. It uses strong webbing straps to reduce weight and make it more compact for transport. Rated to 500lbs, 226kg

Our Price

Only £22.95


Allen Gambrel & Hoist Set

Takedown gambrel and hoist kit - 500lb work load, steel construction - heavy duty

Our Price

Only £34.95


Elbow Length & Wrist Length Latex Gloves

Pack of two disposable gloves available in medium & large

Our Price

Only £3.50


Field Dressing Shoulder Length Gloves

Pack of two disposable gloves available in medium & large

Our Price

Only £2.95



My Stalking Kit


Being a keen stalker I thought that I would run you through my stalking bag for what I believe is essential kit for the serious stalker. Firstly you need a grab bag to put your essential kit in so that when you leave the house you have everything with you. I use the 25ltr Rucksack from Jack Pyke to keep my essentials together, it is constructed from strong, durable 600D Codura with quality zips to keep everything in! First items in the bag are my Howa cap, camo buff and gloves, got to keep those hands covered as we use these more than we know and deer can spot a waving hand a good deal away. I like to use the ruff to cover my face when looking around a corner or approaching a potential deer hot spot, even with a beard they can still spot a light face and bald head! Next on the list is my Hawke Vantage 8x42 binoculars in a Bushwear harness. In order to spot deer before they spot you it is necessary to walk 10 - 15 yards then look, look again then look some more and NOT through your rifle scope as you never know who's around! I have a waist bag that I carry with my gralloching kit in, two knives, chest saw, latex gloves and sleeves, deer sack, wet wipes, plasters, gambrel and cable ties (to tie off throat and butt). I also carry a Hawke Hunter 600 laser range finder in case a longer shot is required, I know the drop of my bullet out to 300 yards (not that I'd ever shoot a deer at that distance) but it is good to see sometimes how far I need to crawl to get to it! I take a Flexi-Sled along just in case we shoot a larger species and need to drag it back to the truck, this keeps the carcass clean and is much easier than trying to drag the deer without. I carry a Seek Thermal Camera that attaches to my Smartphone in case I shoot a deer and it runs into cover, the Seek allows me to see the heat signature out to 150 yards if necessary though I've never had one run that far! I d also carry a Buttolo call for attracting the attention of deer, not just in the rutt but also at other times to get the does attention.


As for shooting I use either my CZ 550 American in .243 Winchester for woodland stalking or my Savage Weather Warrior  in 6.5 Creedmoor for moor / hill stalking coupled with Hawke Endurance WA30 3-12x56 optics, perfect for low light with a huge field of view. These are used in conjunction with my Stable Sticks Quad sticks (adjusted for me) which allow a safe clean shot out to 200 yards if necessary, though I prefer to stalk in closer.


Grab Bag & Contents

  • Jack Pyke 25ltr Rucksack

  • Hat, ruff & gloves

  • Hawke Endurance 8-42 binoculars with bino caddy

  • Waist bag with gralloching kit

  • Gambrel & Butt Out tool

  • Hawke 600 Hunter range finder

  • Buttolo call

  • Seek Thermal for Smartphone

  • Two way radio's x 2

  • Allen keys and screwdriver

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